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Email Append

Email Appending

Use Email Append Service to Obtain the Email Addresses of Your Customers

Add email addresses to your business or consumer records.

eBusiness Prospects specializes in Email Appending - which uses your or names and postal addresses to quickly find their email addresses. Use Email Appending service to expand your marketing efforts by adding business and consumer email addresses to your in-house records.


Business Email Append Percentage
The percentage will vary depending on the accuracy of the contact names and company data. The typical business Email Append rate with eBusiness Prospects is 60% to 85% of the contacts in your dadabase.


Consumer Email Append Percentage
The percentage will vary depending on the accuracy of the contact names and postal address. The typical consumer Email Append rate with eBusiness Prospects is 35% to 65% of the contacts in your dadabase.


How Email Appending Works?

We receive your customer data.
The match is performed.
A permission request is sent.
We return your database with email addresses appended.


See how Email Append Works


Get a quick estimate of how many missing emails we can append to your business/consumer data -

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eBusiness Prospects offers professional multi-channel list marketing solutions for internet and more. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. eBusiness Prospects is anchored by a fully integrated database of over 68M B2B records, which allows you to touch your customers or prospects through multiple channels and answer all your customers retention and acquisition needs in today's competitive market.


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